Friday, March 26, 2010

Stop press!! April 7th.
Well Done!!
To Mary Mahony Of Dublin 3.
Mary is the lucky winner of the gorgeous Easter basket of red tulip pottery. The draw took place on Monday, and we look forward to presenting Mary with her lovely prize.
Hello avid Nicholas Mosse Pottery fans,

Welcome to the new blog page!

It's so flexible, and so easy to use that even I (hopefully) should get the hang of it straightaway; so I hope to be taking LOTS and LOTS of photos to share with you.

I was going to pretend that I'd just clicked this lovely view of the river from our cafe window.....
but I have to confess; it's really a file picture. But it does show just how pretty it is here in Bennettsbridge........

I told you last time about the Great Outdoors Mug. Well here's a picture, that's worth a thousand words, so they say. It's the size of our old extra large mug (anyone remember that?)

Great for soup as well as a hot sup of tea! (And in stock!)

A good gift for him maybe?

I could type away here for ever; I can tell this site is going to be a lot of fun.
Just want to say thanks to Kay Brown for contacting me and so
The clocks change tomorrow...........let's enjoy the long evenings
Till next time,

New range - Forget Me Not

Forget the blues, but not this new pattern from Nicholas Mosse! We felt a new blue trend in the offing and have designed this lighter, airier pattern for all of you blue lovers. Exceptionally pretty, Forget Me Not will colour in nicely with our existing standard ranges and its lacy quality still packs that Nicholas Mosse pattern punch. Available in all standard shapes and ready to be ordered now..

See the new range here

Dear Nicholas Mosse fans!

Welcome to our new blog!
What wonderful sunny weather. At last!

The shop is looking all Spring-bright and cheerful, with Easter Bunnies hopping about all over the place, and tables of gift ideas for mum too.

Previously, I hinted to you about our fab new pieces for 2010.....

Well, the cake plate, that we were all waiting for, you'll have seen on our home page. Isn't it just as edible as the cakes upon it!?! We're about to bring an assortment of 'oddities' and samples and trial pieces on to the shop floor. So those of you who like something quite extraordinary.......come see!

The new tiny heart plates are delicious and proving really popular, as is our new Great Outdoors Mug. This lidded extra large mug is great for keeping tea (or soup) warm while you're working out in the garden.
Hello Kay, and sorry but I haven't quite got the gist of getting images here yet. Bear with me.
Till next time,