Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Dear avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

Brrr! But we're open! It's business as usual at Bennettsbridge. We've been slipping and sliding our way to work through the Winter Wonderland that is Ireland just now.

Here's our Snowman who stands at the front door!

As I write, he's a few days old already; but, apart from a few melted fingers and a decidedly runny nose, he's still standing tall!!

And this is the dazzling view from the cafe window......

We know that a lot of you, because of the bad weather, have been unable to come along to the shop.
So....we're shipping orders --worldwide -- for free -- until December 12th (December 10th is the latest for guaranteed Christmas deliveries outside Ireland). So sit back, relax by the fire, and shop at your leisure. We'll miss you, but they say the thaw is on its way....
Stay safe & stay warm, til next time,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,
Our October customer event was a real success.
It was great to see so many of you; our loyal and dedicated customers.
A big THANK YOU from us to you, for responding to our invitation to come visit and bargain hunt.

And now the Christmas season is well and truly upon us, as evidenced by the sparkling window display on the ground floor.….

The 2 shop floors are a dazzle of pretty glittering lights and ornaments.
(Even when the news is glum, we mustn’t lose the capacity to feel festive and to let beauty gladden our hearts.)

Nowadays the shop is easier than ever to find.
The new M9 motorway has recently been extended and passes within just a few minutes of Bennettsbridge.
Leave the motorway at junction 9 (the Bennettsbridge exit).
Look out for the filter turn to the right. Drive for a couple of miles, and at the T junction at the bottom of the hill turn right. The mill will come into view almost immediately, on your left.

A warm welcome is waiting for you here.
Till next time,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October..... and the leaves are turning....

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

First of all........
Congratulations to Agnes, from County Kilkenny; the winner of the Extra Large Salad Bowl in last month's raffle draw.

September was a busy month; getting ready for our October 'customer event'.
We look forward to welcoming all our regular and much-valued customers during the coming month.

NEW IN STORE is the fabulous City Kitty range.............

Susan Mosse's inspiration for this dramatic cityscape, with its touch of humour, came from a girlfriend's pet cat.

And here's the whole range, displayed on the ground floor.....
With the lovely Anne at the counter...............................
This will be the shortest blog ever......until I update it........
very soon......
but for now I'll sign off......till next time....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

Here's Noirin from Co. Kilkenny being presented, by Nick, with her gift box full of Wild Flower Meadow cappucino cups and saucers.

Noirin was the winner of our July customer draw.

So many people, as they dropped their entry into the draw box, said "I never win anything." Well, I bet that if there were ever a competition for the most pleasant, friendly and good-natured customers of any shop in Ireland, our customers would win hands down!

The production side of the mill has been a quiet place this last fortnight, with the pottery staff on their two week vacation. We're looking forward to the buzz of them being back and busy next Tuesday, when our veiwing windows will again be looking in at their industrious hands at work.

A few 'oddment' lunch plates were brought over to the shop recently. Here are some of them. What do you think.?...a strong border surrounding a single central motif. Anyway, I photographed 5 in a row, just because we are in Kilkenny, and because of the year that's in it.

I've decided that, over the next few months, I'll take you on a visual tour of the shop and pottery, area by area, so that those of you who've never visited us will get some idea of what it's like. (It's delightful.) Maybe I'll tempt you to come by!

Early this morning I took a couple of shots of the cafe (which seats 40) before it got busy. I tried to get a picture of the mouth-watering tower of cup cakes, and delicious strawberry-topped chocolate gateau. (Can you tell it's nearly my lunchtime?)

Through the cafe's arched windows are spectacular views of the river...........................

On the far wall you'll see a glimpse of Nick's antique spongeware collection. They are beautiful examples of the craft that inspires him. If you've never stopped to look when you've visited, do take the time, next time, to study these fascinating works of art.

More works of art are the cafe's homemade scones,(out the oven at 11.00) followed by the garlic and cheese scones soon afterwards, which fill the shop with their homely, enticing aromas.

I obviously need to eat, and quite soon............

So, till next time,


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse Fan,

Here's an update-photo of the front terrace......
It's looking prettier and prettier.

And I've got my new camera! Prepare yourselves for album after album!

Our Irish Country Shop draw ends this weekend. One lucky shopper will be the winner of this gift box full of Wild Flower
Meadow cappucino cups and saucers!

Here's the new Nicholas Mosse steamer (cum serving bowl).

I got one, and it's great! When the food's done, flip the lid and it becomes the base. And there you are; from oven top to table top, and no broken spuds!

Here it is in some other patterns. (I obviously haven't got the hang of the flash yet!)
And, just because it looks so very, very pretty........I thought I'd show you the shop window display downstairs on the ground floor. It's a magical, floaty tent; and there are the cutest wigwams, and flowery soft cushions, and lots more inspirational girly loveliness. Just what we ladies like to see when we go shopping!

It's St Swithin's day today.............and it's raining.........
But I'm not superstitious; and never will be, touch wood!!
Till next time,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

The NEW front-of-shop terrace is coming along and shaping up nicely. The lads are doing great work and we are passing on all our customers' compliments to them.
It's looking welcoming and comfy ............rather like the inside of the shop really!
If only the sun had come out while I took this photo! (If only I could take a decent photo!)

The lovely NEW Nicholas Mosse tinned & scented candles
are in stock now.
As usual, my attempt at photography won't win
me any artistic awards; but hopefully you get the picture, if
you'll pardon the pun.
And if, like me, certain smells can suddenly unlock a
memory that instantly takes you back in time to
a beautiful place, then you'll love these subtle scents.

I'm off on a 2 week vacation. (Or, as I'm not going away, a stay-cation!)
So, more than ever, I hope the sun shines on each and every one of us.
Till next time,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

22nd May 2010...............
STOP PRESS ...........NEWS
on FRIDAY MAY 28TH at 8.30pm.
It's fascinating viewing. Nick takes on an apprentice; shares and exhibits his skills, commitment, passion, good humour and level-headedness; all the things that have helped to make his beautiful pottery the success it is.
Great shots of the shop too!!
The exquisite pieces that Shona, the apprentice, produces are on show here in the shop.
Take a look next time you visit .
Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse Fans,

Well, it's May and there's blossom everywhere!

The shop too is looking very pretty and bright; with lots of the new home and garden accessories that Susan chose, during her last European buying trip.

Outside, by the front door, blocks and concrete are being laid aplenty. Won't be too long before our wonderful terraced area is finished!

Lots new in pottery too!

The boxed baby set has been creating quite a stir. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter.......it's the perfect baby present.


And just arrived in today are the NEW PORCELAIN NIGHTLIGHT LAMPS.


When you next visit you'll be met by a lovely display of them downstairs. And you'll say WOW!

The new shape comes in all the favourites plus many new...look at the fabulous '60s Star'.....

I'll be taking plenty more pics for next time (heh, I've even been promised my own camera!)
so until then...


Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear avid Nicholas Mosse Fans,

Hope you all had a good Easter.

Firstly, hearty congratulations once again to Mary Mahony; the lucky winner of our Easter raffle.......
Here's Mary earlier today, being presented with her raffle prize; a Nicholas Mosse lined shopping basket crammed full of red Tulip pottery.

(Nick has his sleeves rolled up, because he's working away outside, helping to create the new seating area at the front entrance to the shop.)
This place is getting more and more beautiful!

While I had the camera out, I snapped a shot of the new apple-shape jar. I put it next to our large and small mugs, so you'd have a good idea of its size. It's such a sweet piece!!

And LOOK! Here's a sneak preview of the colours, shapes and fabrics being used to create a super Nicholas Mosse quilt. The wonderfully talented Terri at Irish Quilting is working her magic fingers, and I'm hoping the finished masterpiece will be on display here.
There'll be more about the quilt in the July issue of Irish Quilting magazine. And on this page too!

Well, I'm off on a short hol.....so more than ever I hope the warm weather stays.
Till next time,

Friday, March 26, 2010

Stop press!! April 7th.
Well Done!!
To Mary Mahony Of Dublin 3.
Mary is the lucky winner of the gorgeous Easter basket of red tulip pottery. The draw took place on Monday, and we look forward to presenting Mary with her lovely prize.
Hello avid Nicholas Mosse Pottery fans,

Welcome to the new blog page!

It's so flexible, and so easy to use that even I (hopefully) should get the hang of it straightaway; so I hope to be taking LOTS and LOTS of photos to share with you.

I was going to pretend that I'd just clicked this lovely view of the river from our cafe window.....
but I have to confess; it's really a file picture. But it does show just how pretty it is here in Bennettsbridge........

I told you last time about the Great Outdoors Mug. Well here's a picture, that's worth a thousand words, so they say. It's the size of our old extra large mug (anyone remember that?)

Great for soup as well as a hot sup of tea! (And in stock!)

A good gift for him maybe?

I could type away here for ever; I can tell this site is going to be a lot of fun.
Just want to say thanks to Kay Brown for contacting me and so
The clocks change tomorrow...........let's enjoy the long evenings
Till next time,

New range - Forget Me Not

Forget the blues, but not this new pattern from Nicholas Mosse! We felt a new blue trend in the offing and have designed this lighter, airier pattern for all of you blue lovers. Exceptionally pretty, Forget Me Not will colour in nicely with our existing standard ranges and its lacy quality still packs that Nicholas Mosse pattern punch. Available in all standard shapes and ready to be ordered now..

See the new range here

Dear Nicholas Mosse fans!

Welcome to our new blog!
What wonderful sunny weather. At last!

The shop is looking all Spring-bright and cheerful, with Easter Bunnies hopping about all over the place, and tables of gift ideas for mum too.

Previously, I hinted to you about our fab new pieces for 2010.....

Well, the cake plate, that we were all waiting for, you'll have seen on our home page. Isn't it just as edible as the cakes upon it!?! We're about to bring an assortment of 'oddities' and samples and trial pieces on to the shop floor. So those of you who like something quite extraordinary.......come see!

The new tiny heart plates are delicious and proving really popular, as is our new Great Outdoors Mug. This lidded extra large mug is great for keeping tea (or soup) warm while you're working out in the garden.
Hello Kay, and sorry but I haven't quite got the gist of getting images here yet. Bear with me.
Till next time,