Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

Here's Noirin from Co. Kilkenny being presented, by Nick, with her gift box full of Wild Flower Meadow cappucino cups and saucers.

Noirin was the winner of our July customer draw.

So many people, as they dropped their entry into the draw box, said "I never win anything." Well, I bet that if there were ever a competition for the most pleasant, friendly and good-natured customers of any shop in Ireland, our customers would win hands down!

The production side of the mill has been a quiet place this last fortnight, with the pottery staff on their two week vacation. We're looking forward to the buzz of them being back and busy next Tuesday, when our veiwing windows will again be looking in at their industrious hands at work.

A few 'oddment' lunch plates were brought over to the shop recently. Here are some of them. What do you think.?...a strong border surrounding a single central motif. Anyway, I photographed 5 in a row, just because we are in Kilkenny, and because of the year that's in it.

I've decided that, over the next few months, I'll take you on a visual tour of the shop and pottery, area by area, so that those of you who've never visited us will get some idea of what it's like. (It's delightful.) Maybe I'll tempt you to come by!

Early this morning I took a couple of shots of the cafe (which seats 40) before it got busy. I tried to get a picture of the mouth-watering tower of cup cakes, and delicious strawberry-topped chocolate gateau. (Can you tell it's nearly my lunchtime?)

Through the cafe's arched windows are spectacular views of the river...........................

On the far wall you'll see a glimpse of Nick's antique spongeware collection. They are beautiful examples of the craft that inspires him. If you've never stopped to look when you've visited, do take the time, next time, to study these fascinating works of art.

More works of art are the cafe's homemade scones,(out the oven at 11.00) followed by the garlic and cheese scones soon afterwards, which fill the shop with their homely, enticing aromas.

I obviously need to eat, and quite soon............

So, till next time,


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