Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse Fan:
Much to our delight, we had an incredibly busy November here in our Irish Country Shop. Now December is here and the weather feels a bit more appropriate for this time of year.
For me it's exciting because I've been here at the pottery now for three months and I have learned so much about how our product is made and decorated. 
What is so special about working here at Nicholas Mosse is the fact that everything is beautifully hand-made. Did you know there are over 20 steps each piece goes through until it reaches our retail shelves? Today I just wanted to show you a part of the process. Here Francis Power, who has been with the company for over 30 years, is finishing some candlesticks. They've already been made and now he is doing the final detail on the bottom. As you can see above, the base is flat and below he's creating that rim on the bottom to complete the look.

 Francis has been doing this for so many years that it is second nature to him. But I find it so fascinating to watch and frankly am easily be mesmerized by the process. By the way, you can watch this when you visit us in Bennettsbridge as this all happens in an area that can be viewed by our visitors. I expect you too will find it as fascinating.

 Here they are lined up - finished and now will dry for a period of time.
There is not waste here at Nicholas Mosse, everything is re-cycled, re-used and re-worked where ever possible. Here is a skip filled with all the clay shavings and pieces that didn't make it onto the next stage. 
Moving onto the next stage, the candlesticks have been dipped in glaze and are heading to the kiln. Underneath the white glaze is the pattern and the white will burn off in the kiln turning to a shiny glaze.

In our next blog post, I'll show you some more images and details of decorating the pieces.

In the meantime, hope you all have a very safe and happy holiday season. Don't forget we are also on Facebook and you can also follow us on Twitter @NicholasMosse.

Until next time,


Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Has Arrived at the Nicholas Mosse Irish Country Shop

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse Fan:
Well, Christmas is here and our Irish Country Shop has been a beehive of activity all this month. Just after Halloween we rolled out all the Christmas trees and decorations and added a fabulous selection of ornaments, kitchen items, linens, glassware and loads of stocking stuffers throughout the store. We have a bed set up in the front window with three little piggies enjoying it.

 The shelves on the ground floor are groaning with plenty of products from all our patterns including Old Rose, Apple, Red Tulip, Landscape, Forget Me Not, Wildflower Meadow and Clematis plus we have discontinued lines including Cherry, Dahlia, Strawberry, Bloomy, Marigold, Daisy Days, Home Grown, City Cat with an extra discount.
 Up on the 1st floor our Seconds department has been very busy and there are still lots of goodies to choose from up there.
 The table on the ground floor is decorated with our  Reindeer Pattern - it's been featured in Food and Wine magazine and House and Home magazine this month. And doesn't Old Rose also look great?
Did you happen to see this week's edition of the Farmer's Journal and their Irish Country Living magazine? Nicholas himself is on the cover and we received a lovely editorial piece written by Maria Moynihan.
We hope to see you soon here at the shop- don't forget the cafe is fully stocked with deliciously dangerous goodies such as cupcakes, carrot cake, brownies and much more. Happy shopping everyone.
Until next time,


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Ready for Savour Kilkenny: Making Carrot and Walnut Muffins

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse Fan:
This bank holiday weekend, Kilkenny is going to be bustling with all people coming to Savour Kilkenny, so I thought in honour of that I'd put this Carrot and Walnut Muffin recipe up on our blog. I found the recipe in the November 2011 issue of UK County Living magazine in Tessa Webb's column Grow & Cook (recipe is on page 152). This past weekend I made 24 tiny muffins (as those were the only sized cases I had). Tested by my daughter, husband and neighbours -they are almost all gone. So that's good!

The recipe is really simple.

Carrot and Walnut Muffins
Preparation time: 20 mins
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Makes 12

250g self-raising flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon mixed spice (note: I did not have this on hand so I used ground ginger and cinammon and found it needed more that 1 teaspoon- you can adjust to your liking)
160g dark brown muscavado sugar
50g walnuts, chopped
2 medium eggs, beaten
160ml sunflower oil
125g carrots, grated (only about 1 large carrot)
2 very ripe bananas, mashed.

1. Heat the oven to 200C (180 C fan oven) gas mark 6. Line a 12 hole muffin tin with muffin cases.
2. Sift the flour, baking powder and mixed spice into a large bowl. Stir in the sugar, breaking down any lumps, followed by the nuts.
3. Make a well in the centre and pour in the eggs and the oil. Quickly stir to combine, then add the carrot and banana and mix together again.
4. Divide the mixture between muffin cases and bake for 15-20 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

They have a lovely autumn flavour to them. In the next batch I'm going to make bigger and might try by adding in some fresh ginger to give it a little extra punch.

Let me know if you end up making them yourself and don't forget we always love to see photos not only of your Nicholas Mosse collections but also of your cooking adventures.

You can email me directly at


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mixing our Patterns here at Nicholas Mosse

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse Fan:
Each time I go into our Irish country shop, I come away with some new idea. The other day I spent some time putting together different combinations of our patterns.
Above is a Clematis serving plate which I paired with a Forget Me Not lunch plate.

Then for fun I topped it off with a tiny heart plate in Old Rose. Can you imagine setting a table for family and friends with this cheerful combination?
Then I turned to our two patterns Apple and Red Tulip that have a lot of red in them.

They look so sweet paired together.

And here I took the Wild Flower Meadow serving plate and paired it will a Red Tulip side plate.

Very striking- I can see this set on a table with a white linen cloth - keep the rest of the table very simple and make the plates the stars.
You can find all of these online at Nicholas Mosse or at our Irish country shop here in Bennettsbridge. If there is anything not on the site that you'd like, feel free to email me.

I've always been one who loves colour and patterns anyway, so why not enjoy all the patterns we have here at Nicholas Mosse and mix them up together?

We always love to hear from our fans - so do be sure to email me at - send me photos of your tables and meals and dishes served up in Nicholas Mosse. And with your permission, we'll share them here or on our Facebook page.
We are also on Twitter @NicholasMosse

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Talks about Some of Our Favourite Pieces

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse Fan:
Here at Nicholas Mosse we think a lot about food because, of course, we are in the business of creating beautiful pieces so you can serve meals to your family and friends appealing way. We know many of you love to cook at home and especially in these "penny-pinching " times- cooking at home has become somewhat of a necessity.

We were recently doing a photo shoot here in the old mill to update the many images missing off our website. Photographer Eddie Cleary and I spent two days on the 4th floor photographing. Being still relatively new to the company, it was a brilliant way for me to really get to know the product line. In the shot above, Eddie and I gathered all the bigger pieces we have for the kitchen. Whether you are steaming your vegetables, serving a big cake, keeping salt nearby, dressing salads or storing flour and sugar- Nicholas Mosse has all the pieces you'll need.

Our steamers which came out last year are a wonderful gift for someone moving into to a new home or apartment and especially great for a person who likes to cook healthy meals.

One of my favourite pieces is the 11" Cake Plate with the edge. (seen above in our Forget Me Not Pattern) It is the perfect display piece in the centre of a table. I can't wait to put my daughter's birthday cake onto one this year.
Do you have some favourite shapes? We've heard from many of you on our Facebook page about your favourite patterns but we'd like to know what shapes you use the most? Is it the day to day pieces such as mugs and plates or do you love pulling out some of the larger statement pieces?

Let us know!
Happy Autumn to you all. The wind is wild in Bennettsbridge today and their is a crispness in the air.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nicholas Mosse: A Look Inside Our Irish Country Shop before Christmas Arrives

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse Fan:

I just wanted to thank Carol for doing such a great job with our blog for so many months. Considering the amount of other things she juggles for us here, she is to be commended.

I can't believe October has arrived so quickly. Before too long our Irish Country Shop will filled with Christmas goodies so I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you some images inside before all the seasonal magic arrives.

It's a perfect autumn day here in Bennettsbridge with warm breezes and sunshine and on my return from lunch I spotted a wild otter swimming alongside our little island here on the River Nore. He (or she) looked quite content and I'm sorry not to get a photograph for you - all in good in time.
I've learned you have to be very patient with the wildlife around here.

Our small cake stands look just perfect displayed on this striking red stand in the shop. They make wonderful gifts for bakers or people who do a lot of entertaining.

On the wall you can see the whole range of the mugs in our Landscape pattern accompanied by a butter dish.

Just in case you were not aware, we don't just sell Nicholas Mosse here in the shop. The window display at the front has a wonderful assortment of olive wood pieces and colourful glassware along with woven mats for the table.

The big bamboo bowls are ideal for serving salads.

Things are busy here at Nicholas Mosse HQ this week- behind the scenes our Christmas elves are hard at work and we are photographing new products which we will reveal to you all soon. There's never a dull moment on the banks of the River Nore.

And while it went quietly unnoticed here on the blog - September marked our 35th year in business which is very exciting and we are in the process of putting together events, organizing tours, and generating publicity to celebrate another historic milestone.

By the way, if you haven't found us on Facebook yet, please head over and LIKE us and if you are on Twitter you can follow us @NicholasMosse. Plus, we are working away on a new look for our website which we expect to be launched in early 2012.

We love hearing from our fans so be sure to leave us a message here, on Facebook or Tweet us!

Happy Autumn everyone.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fridge magnetism

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

Autumn has come without Summer showing us a sunny face.
But No Matter!
We can cope with the tail of terrible Irene sweeping across the country, rustling the russet-and-ruby-turning leaves of the shaking, terrified trees.
Well, that’s the poetic bit over with early this month! Phew!

I thought you’d like to see something new….

These are our fridge magnets, available here at our Bennettsbridge shop at only €5.00 each.
They come in an assortment of our patterns and in cute shapes…about 2.5inches across.
Great fun, great mini-gifts; great stocking-fillers.
Oh no oh no oh no I’m thinking about Christmas!! Already!!

Well, our website is being revamped, little by little, bit by bit; so I’m handing over the blog bit to the lovely Lisa whose writing and photographic skills far out-do my own. (Although to be honest so do the skills of most people!!)
Have fun. Be happy.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I blinked and I missed Summer...

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

Back from my annual holiday: with no tan, fake or otherwise.
But staying at home in Ireland has to be the most relaxing way to holiday, whatever the weather. And why pay to be somewhere else, when I live in such a tranquil haven?

And talking of pleasure, and delight……..let’s talk weddings!!
Ah, wedded bliss….!!............. Aren’t so many people getting married lately?!
And, to judge by the amount of gift boxes and gift baskets we’ve been wrapping for you over the last while, many of those couples will be starting their shared life well-equipped with Nicholas Mosse tableware.
And what more useful and beautiful gift could you give; or would you want to give? Really!
Because I know for us Nicholas Mosse addicts, any joyful occasion, be it a Wedding or a Birthday (or a Monday or a Tuesday..!!) is a wonderful reason to come and shop for pottery.

(A friend of mine and her husband recently celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary.
She said, ’We’ve shared 21 years of happiness………… 20 for him…and just 1 for me!’)

Meanwhile, the swans that live beside us on the River Nore have had babies………5 cygnets, all healthy and growing fast. The wheel of life is ever-turning.

Time to talk about pottery….after all, it’s what you came here to read about!!
Did you know?……This year, 2011, is the Year of Craft; and June was the month of Ceramicists (try saying that after 3 gin and tonics!)

On show cards and posters, Nick’s face is popping up all over the place.
I’ve passed many a gift shop lately and seen his face grinning out at me from the window. Or is he stalking me?
Here’s that picture of 10 of Ireland’s top ceramicists….it includes our own strikingly photogenic Nick………

Some of the new pottery shapes that were launched in the New Year are now available in our ‘seconds’ area.
So the new ‘classic’ vase, the salt kit and the storage jars are all on the shop ‘seconds’ shelves in several patterns.
It’s another reason, (apart from the cafĂ© with its yummy scones, the river view, the very friendly (but very modest) staff, the array of giftware and the experience of being at the heart of Mosse Pottery) to come back for another visit to Bennettsbridge.
I hope to see you soon...
Till next time,

Friday, May 20, 2011

home sweet home is where the heart is

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

The storage jars are here!! The storage jars are here!!

You’ve been requesting them for some time now ……..and here they are …

..air-tight lidded jars .…. in two sizes!
Perfect. What every smart kitchen should be wearing!!

Isn’t it great when life gives you what you want?

Isn’t life great anyway?

Well personally I am very, very happy, as I’ve just moved into a new house and can think and talk of nothing else.

The little devil in me is right now sitting on my shoulder, nudging me to upload a photograph of the avenue leading to my hidden paradise of a cottage so you can see how beautiful it is……

But I’d get into trouble!! This isn’t about me! But I’d love you to see it!

Oh Let's do it! And I promise next month to blog exclusively about the decorators;and will show you their sponging skills, and the wonderful intricacies of the detailed patterns they oh so magically produce.

So, until next time,

Friday, April 22, 2011

art for art's sake

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

Spring is holding its early promise and the sunny days seem never-ending.
Bennettsbridge has never looked more beautiful. Feels like Summer!

Here in the shop, (with its newly castellated terrace wall) the ground floor ‘garden’ area includes two laid back chairs, just made for this relaxing weather.
I just had to snap and share them with you…

And further into that same garden area is a table full of pretty, rosy garden accessories that every self-respecting girly gardener wouldn’t do without…

….and if you look closely at the corner of that same photo, you’ll see on the TV screen, a still of Michael Holden, our head decorator, loading up a kiln…


Michael is a modest man with huge talents.
During the last couple of years he has been encouraged by Nick to expand his painterly gifts.

Some of Michael’s exquisite water colours on Nicholas Mosse pottery are now on display in the shop.

Just look at a couple at his works of art!


The Four Courts

and here

St Canices in Kilkenny.

Michael tells me he is inspired by antique engravings, and by the paintings of George Miller and his ilk.

Here’s Michael at work, creating another masterpiece, and inspiring others with his passion.

Isn’t it funny how things happen?
Michael came to work for Nick way back in 1979, when he applied for, and got, a Summer job.
Some long Summer eh Michael?!!

Which brings us back to today….
Keep enjoying the sun, or if it’s cloudy, keep smiling sunnily!
Till next time,

(Oh, and before I go; a quick ‘Hello’ to Carol in the US, who is my own personal inspiration when it comes to knitting socks!!)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse Fan

I haven’t blogged for a while.
My lame excuses are twofold…… is that I was away on holiday; and two is that I dropped the camera and broke it.
Some of you might call that ‘a Freudian slip’!
(Do I have cameraphobia?)

Anyway, I’m back now and have snapped (with reserve camera!) the colourful Easter shop displays………..

They have as highlights the bright delightful new season’s stock of giftware that is flooding in………

and just in time for Mothers’ Day.

On the ground floor, in the back room, we’ve erected three enormous information boards, that are full of facts and figures and interesting history. They answer all the questions a visitor here might have, and more besides.
I took a snap of them from behind the huge old mill wheel…………....

Tonight the clocks change (afraid I can never get my head round whether it’s forward or back that they go) but I know it means that from tomorrow we’ll be able to enjoy an extra hour’s daylight every evening. And as the weather so far this spring here in Ireland is beautifully balmy, that really is something to look forward to!!

Yes I'll be sitting out there in the garden, watching the long evening shadows spread lazily across the lawn, my glass of wine in hand........

Till next time,