Monday, October 17, 2011

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Talks about Some of Our Favourite Pieces

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse Fan:
Here at Nicholas Mosse we think a lot about food because, of course, we are in the business of creating beautiful pieces so you can serve meals to your family and friends appealing way. We know many of you love to cook at home and especially in these "penny-pinching " times- cooking at home has become somewhat of a necessity.

We were recently doing a photo shoot here in the old mill to update the many images missing off our website. Photographer Eddie Cleary and I spent two days on the 4th floor photographing. Being still relatively new to the company, it was a brilliant way for me to really get to know the product line. In the shot above, Eddie and I gathered all the bigger pieces we have for the kitchen. Whether you are steaming your vegetables, serving a big cake, keeping salt nearby, dressing salads or storing flour and sugar- Nicholas Mosse has all the pieces you'll need.

Our steamers which came out last year are a wonderful gift for someone moving into to a new home or apartment and especially great for a person who likes to cook healthy meals.

One of my favourite pieces is the 11" Cake Plate with the edge. (seen above in our Forget Me Not Pattern) It is the perfect display piece in the centre of a table. I can't wait to put my daughter's birthday cake onto one this year.
Do you have some favourite shapes? We've heard from many of you on our Facebook page about your favourite patterns but we'd like to know what shapes you use the most? Is it the day to day pieces such as mugs and plates or do you love pulling out some of the larger statement pieces?

Let us know!
Happy Autumn to you all. The wind is wild in Bennettsbridge today and their is a crispness in the air.


  1. Well now, do you know that my favourite pattern was the blue vine- bought a quite gorgeous coffee cup in it for hubby on whatever anniversary was pottery! And now it's the only blue vine piece I have because blue vine is no more- wondered if there are any vintage pieces available down there in case we are down there sometime? Regardless of this sad fact, all your exquisite goods look amazing together- I deliberately have a blend of a few lines. Loving the blog also! Will put a link to you in tonight's post! Many good and lovely autumnal wishes to the lovely and good Bennetsbridge- an Avid Nicholas Mosse Fan x

  2. I love the little bowls - the tiny ones. I have one each in about 10 different patterns. I use them to lay out ingredients when I am cooking - beautiful and functional. Also perfect for taking a small snack of almonds to the computer with me. Then of course the shape of the mug is perfect - feels good in the hand and smooth on the lip, but not too hot. Those are my two favorites, as judged by the fact they are daily in use. Thank you for making such beautiful and functional pottery.