Monday, August 1, 2011

I blinked and I missed Summer...

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

Back from my annual holiday: with no tan, fake or otherwise.
But staying at home in Ireland has to be the most relaxing way to holiday, whatever the weather. And why pay to be somewhere else, when I live in such a tranquil haven?

And talking of pleasure, and delight……..let’s talk weddings!!
Ah, wedded bliss….!!............. Aren’t so many people getting married lately?!
And, to judge by the amount of gift boxes and gift baskets we’ve been wrapping for you over the last while, many of those couples will be starting their shared life well-equipped with Nicholas Mosse tableware.
And what more useful and beautiful gift could you give; or would you want to give? Really!
Because I know for us Nicholas Mosse addicts, any joyful occasion, be it a Wedding or a Birthday (or a Monday or a Tuesday..!!) is a wonderful reason to come and shop for pottery.

(A friend of mine and her husband recently celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary.
She said, ’We’ve shared 21 years of happiness………… 20 for him…and just 1 for me!’)

Meanwhile, the swans that live beside us on the River Nore have had babies………5 cygnets, all healthy and growing fast. The wheel of life is ever-turning.

Time to talk about pottery….after all, it’s what you came here to read about!!
Did you know?……This year, 2011, is the Year of Craft; and June was the month of Ceramicists (try saying that after 3 gin and tonics!)

On show cards and posters, Nick’s face is popping up all over the place.
I’ve passed many a gift shop lately and seen his face grinning out at me from the window. Or is he stalking me?
Here’s that picture of 10 of Ireland’s top ceramicists….it includes our own strikingly photogenic Nick………

Some of the new pottery shapes that were launched in the New Year are now available in our ‘seconds’ area.
So the new ‘classic’ vase, the salt kit and the storage jars are all on the shop ‘seconds’ shelves in several patterns.
It’s another reason, (apart from the cafĂ© with its yummy scones, the river view, the very friendly (but very modest) staff, the array of giftware and the experience of being at the heart of Mosse Pottery) to come back for another visit to Bennettsbridge.
I hope to see you soon...
Till next time,

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