Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fridge magnetism

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

Autumn has come without Summer showing us a sunny face.
But No Matter!
We can cope with the tail of terrible Irene sweeping across the country, rustling the russet-and-ruby-turning leaves of the shaking, terrified trees.
Well, that’s the poetic bit over with early this month! Phew!

I thought you’d like to see something new….

These are our fridge magnets, available here at our Bennettsbridge shop at only €5.00 each.
They come in an assortment of our patterns and in cute shapes…about 2.5inches across.
Great fun, great mini-gifts; great stocking-fillers.
Oh no oh no oh no I’m thinking about Christmas!! Already!!

Well, our website is being revamped, little by little, bit by bit; so I’m handing over the blog bit to the lovely Lisa whose writing and photographic skills far out-do my own. (Although to be honest so do the skills of most people!!)
Have fun. Be happy.

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