Friday, April 22, 2011

art for art's sake

Dear Avid Nicholas Mosse fan,

Spring is holding its early promise and the sunny days seem never-ending.
Bennettsbridge has never looked more beautiful. Feels like Summer!

Here in the shop, (with its newly castellated terrace wall) the ground floor ‘garden’ area includes two laid back chairs, just made for this relaxing weather.
I just had to snap and share them with you…

And further into that same garden area is a table full of pretty, rosy garden accessories that every self-respecting girly gardener wouldn’t do without…

….and if you look closely at the corner of that same photo, you’ll see on the TV screen, a still of Michael Holden, our head decorator, loading up a kiln…


Michael is a modest man with huge talents.
During the last couple of years he has been encouraged by Nick to expand his painterly gifts.

Some of Michael’s exquisite water colours on Nicholas Mosse pottery are now on display in the shop.

Just look at a couple at his works of art!


The Four Courts

and here

St Canices in Kilkenny.

Michael tells me he is inspired by antique engravings, and by the paintings of George Miller and his ilk.

Here’s Michael at work, creating another masterpiece, and inspiring others with his passion.

Isn’t it funny how things happen?
Michael came to work for Nick way back in 1979, when he applied for, and got, a Summer job.
Some long Summer eh Michael?!!

Which brings us back to today….
Keep enjoying the sun, or if it’s cloudy, keep smiling sunnily!
Till next time,

(Oh, and before I go; a quick ‘Hello’ to Carol in the US, who is my own personal inspiration when it comes to knitting socks!!)

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