Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear avid Nicholas Mosse Fans,

Hope you all had a good Easter.

Firstly, hearty congratulations once again to Mary Mahony; the lucky winner of our Easter raffle.......
Here's Mary earlier today, being presented with her raffle prize; a Nicholas Mosse lined shopping basket crammed full of red Tulip pottery.

(Nick has his sleeves rolled up, because he's working away outside, helping to create the new seating area at the front entrance to the shop.)
This place is getting more and more beautiful!

While I had the camera out, I snapped a shot of the new apple-shape jar. I put it next to our large and small mugs, so you'd have a good idea of its size. It's such a sweet piece!!

And LOOK! Here's a sneak preview of the colours, shapes and fabrics being used to create a super Nicholas Mosse quilt. The wonderfully talented Terri at Irish Quilting is working her magic fingers, and I'm hoping the finished masterpiece will be on display here.
There'll be more about the quilt in the July issue of Irish Quilting magazine. And on this page too!

Well, I'm off on a short more than ever I hope the warm weather stays.
Till next time,


  1. I came to your site because I am reading "The Pipes are Calling" by Niall Williams. In their book they visit you and talk about your pottery. I had to see for myself and it is more beautiful than described!! When I come to Ireland I will visit!!

  2. Hi Carol!
    Love the apple jar - great for holding sweet treats - makes them look more healthy.